Thank you for TAYsearching with us darlings. Now I need a 3 month Kahala vacation lol #offduty

Written By Taysha Smith - December 02 2020


January 05 2021

@Kimble Her family produces Broadway plays. This is not gossip it’s fact. Tay comes from money money.

January 03 2021

Adonis is so cute 😍

December 11 2020

You are the best that ever did it and got away with it Tay 😉

December 10 2020

Merry Christmas 🎄 And Happy Hanukkah 🕎 Tay!

December 06 2020

I wish I was on a beach somewhere ☺

December 05 2020

You literally have the most perfect Christmas voice. I can’t wait until you drop your Christmas album. Your voice with a live orchestra is needed.

Amanda Levine
December 05 2020

I wasn’t a Drake fan but now I’m a Drake fan. Tay can really give a devil 😈 a halo. 😛

December 05 2020

Your shipping is so quick! I don’t make millions but I feel like a millionaire when I shop with you champagne mami 😻

December 05 2020

Tay we watched you build this from the ground up! And you are still so down to earth and real. The FRUIT LOOP STYLE CEREAL BOWL CANDLE is the best purchase I made all year. You are very wealthy but you have the gift of making everyone who comes in contact with you feel wealthy . I love that about you. ❤️❤️❤️

December 03 2020

Low key Bergdorfs stole your style when they opened that pallette Cafe. As soon as I saw the diamond grills on the wall I was like this is not Bergdorfs this is Tay all day. Bergdorfs is stuffy luxury. TNY is fresh and fun luxury. That Cafe just felt out of place if you ask me.

December 03 2020

Tay I cannot shop anywhere else. You spoiled us rotten 😄. Free designer gift wrap is the cherry on top 😊. I love the holidays but I hate wrapping gifts 🎁. Haha. Your voice is beautiful 😍 💗 ❤

December 03 2020

Your confidence and creativity give me life Tay. I can’t wait to try TAYsearch 6.0. 😍. Enjoy your recharge.

December 03 2020

It’s the luxury department store Christmas carols for me 😁. Tay you really are dope as sh*t. Your wit 👌 is top notch. I’m a Scorpio, so I peep game. You are the real deal baby. You live and breathe this shit but don’t take any of it too seriously. I love that about you. Keep doing your thing and we will keep supporting you with our coin.

December 02 2020

@Helen I think she has a feature like that for TAYsearch 6.0. She spoke about a music therapy feature awhile back. 😎

December 02 2020

Tay I have a 4 month old and I play your voice on repeat to calm him when he gets fussy. You have a gift. You should do songs for people with anxiety and lullabies for babies in addition to your Christmas album. 🤩

Heather P
December 02 2020

Smule is my favorite app. I can’t sing though 😂 . Tay Tay you are pure creative talent.

December 02 2020

Taysha your voice is beautiful. I can’t believe you sang that from your bed on your iphone. 🤯. When is the Christmas album dropping? 2021? Will you have a live orchestra? If so, I want to audition for strings.

December 02 2020

Holly Golightly playing the guitar and singing silent night on a karaoke app. Tay what can’t you do!

December 02 2020

It’s the angelic voice for me 🤩

December 02 2020

Are Drakes candles going to be sold at TNY? I hope so. 🤗

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