Love yourself. Love each-other. And eat the dayum pie... #CleanWithMe

Written By Taysha Smith - February 01 2021


Ananda E
February 01 2021

Sweet & fiery is the best combo. Tay you are sweet & fiery all day everyday.

February 01 2021

Your play list is fiyah 🥵

February 01 2021

It’s the quiet confidence for me. I love your style Tay Tay.

February 01 2021

Tay in the love letter you sent via tayemail this morning you had BWFH candles burning. Do you burn the candles before you clean? When is BWFH launching? I want to get my hands on those candles.

February 01 2021

I just sent you a TAYemail. 🤩

February 01 2021

Know wonder you know how to clean so well.

Heather P
February 01 2021

That pie is pretty 😍

February 01 2021

Block party 😅. Years have gone by and they act like they can still reach out whenever they want. NOT. 🤣

February 01 2021

Tay you are so funny 🤣

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