Happy Fragrance Friday! Stop gossiping and wash ya clothes with the laundress darlingsss. OK

Written By Taysha Smith - March 05 2021


March 09 2021

I never understood the yeezy sneaker hype. All of the designs are fugly.

March 07 2021

@Samantha No. Tay was on TAYemail all day today. She showed us the new baccarat reading lamp she bought and she did like a laundry day at her cps apartment. It was fab. You missed it😏. She said she might put it on TAYsearch TV when it launches. If you don’t see her on the blog then check your TAYemail to see if she is live on TAYemail.

March 05 2021

Is the artisan scent more masculine or more feminine?

March 05 2021

After listening to what’s next about 100 times I can agree with you Tay Tay. I love it!!

March 05 2021

Not the season 8 clear soles 😎

March 05 2021

Drake is dope 🔥

March 05 2021

Tay I’m surprised you didn’t like wants and needs? I’m guessing it was because of the feature? If so I agree. The song would of hit better if it was Drake ft. Drake.

March 05 2021

Wants and needs & what’s next were dope. Lemon pepper was not it because Rick Ross is not it vibe wise. His vibe is played out and try hard.

March 05 2021

This entire video was a fashion show and I’m here for it!!! That LV fur jacket was lovely 😍

March 05 2021

When did all of this happen? Last night 🌙?

March 05 2021

Tay Tay your taste is a vibe

March 05 2021

Chris and Drake both look Puerto Rican 🇵🇷

March 05 2021

The artisan detergent by the laundress is in my cart! And was that a cow 🐄 😳 print mink jacket Drake was wearing? If so he just gained a new fan!! Haha.

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